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Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catcher (Pack of 12)

Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catcher (Pack of 12)

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Sticky and Disposable: disposable drain cover has strong stickiness, can be firmly attached to the surface of the object, and will not slip off when exposed to water; It's also disposable, making it the safest and most convenient way to protect your drains without worrying about clogging hair crumbs sewer

Easy to Replace: the disposable floor drain sticker is easy to use, you just need to peel it off and throw it away, and then replace it with a fresh one, very convenient, fast and simple; Please note that it does not mean that you have to replace it every time you shower

Efficient: the size of the catcher sticker, the delicate holes can effectively intercept hair and other objects, but it does not affect the speed of water leakage, so you don't need to spend a lot of time to clean the sewer, saving time and effort

Adequate Items: sufficient quantity can meet your daily needs and replacement; Generally speaking, each hair catcher will last up to 2-3 weeks, but if you bathe your pet more frequently, we recommend that you change them every time

Applicable To: the disposable hair trap is suitable for every corner of your home, such as washbasins, bathtubs, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc., to provide you with a cleaner and comfortable environment; It can also be adhered well to various surfaces, whether it is metal, plastic, or ceramic tile


  • Material: fiber
  • Size: 10 cm in diameter
  • Mesh: about 3.5mm
  • Adhesive: Self-contained adhesive
  • Use: Tear-and-stick
  • Package includes: 12/24 pcs X Disposable Shower Drain Hair Catcher
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