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LED Neon Flash Tyre Light for Car and Bike

LED Neon Flash Tyre Light for Car and Bike

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This is a pair of motion-activated wheel valve stem cap tire LED lights for a car. Instead of capping the valve with an ordinary cap, use this light to convert your wheel into a whirling light display. it’s way cooler than simple taillights or radiant stickers. There’s also a case to be made that you’re a Star Wars Jedi Knight with a light saber stowed away in the wheel. It comes with 3AG10 cell batteries and saves a lot of energy since it’s motion activated. The screw-on cap makes it easy to install, and the light fits into all standard U.S. and European bike wheel valve stems.  

When it is dark, they automatically light up creating a disk-like light that appears to hover above your wheels, bring more color to your car/bike, bring more enjoyment to your drive. Features: No battery connection required - no need to connect to the vehicle battery. Waterproof - The valve has a light mouth small waterproof case. It lights up itself using high-quality button batteries. Easy to install: Simply screw it onto the tyre valve. Twist off your original valve cap and replace it with this valve cap LED light. Installs on standard tyre air valve of cars.


Product Highlight:

  •  Customize your bicycle, motorbike or car with this LED light, it is the coolest way of making your vehicle the most eye-catching on the road.
  • The separation paper containing the battery needs to be removed for the item to work properly.
  • Single color wheel light.
  • Easy Installation: Just connect to the air cap/wheel valve of your vehicle.
  • The LED lights have a super bright, energy-saving, long lifespan, these lights can increase night time and bad weather visibility for safety.


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